Team Duties

Rostered duties aren't huge tasks but benefit you, your child and our club community.

The more help we have the easier the job is. A committee member will always be available for advice so don't be afraid to ask.

Remember, it is only a couple of times a year and it's not too much to ask for the parents to lend a hand, especially when you consider the amount of time and effort Club volunteers - committee, coaches and managers, put into your children.

Thanks in advance for your help and support, we couldn't do it without you.

19.6.21 - Roster

Please ensure you arrive early enough to set up before kick- off time. 


Screen  Shot 2021- 06- 05 at 2. 47. 10 pm

BYO Apron for those on BBQ 

(one person cooks while other makes the sandwiches)

You will be required to sign in and out when on duty 

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