Meet The Committee

Meet The Committee

📣 offical announcement 📣 Players, parents and everyone in between!

Let’s welcome our newly elected president Chris Alexoulis

Statement from the president:

“I’d like to start by acknowledging the previous committee and thank them for their hard work in what was a tough time for our club. I look forward to working with the new committee going forward to bring some unity back to Gregory Hills FC. I want to bring a sense of community to our great club. See you all out on the fields!“

Let’s welcome our newly elected Vice President Adam Coleman.

Statement from the VP:
“I would like to thank the previous committee for their work with the club. I’m excited for this next chapter and can’t wait to take the club to new levels with the new committee!”

Let’s welcome our newly elected treasurer Natalie Trujić!

Statement from the treasurer :
“Shoutout to the committee before us for all the work you put into the Club this season so far!

I can’t wait to see where we can take the Club and I can’t wait to invest the time and effort needed to build the Club to one of the greatest in MacArthur”