Wet Weather:

During periods of wet weather players, parents, carers, coaches and managers can check on our website. If the grounds have been closed. This includes training and games. The website  will be updated with ground closure information.


In Order to preserve the fields and safety of players. There are occasions were the club needs to cancel games due to bad weather, on such occasions the committee will assess the situation in proceeding days and make a final inspection of the grounds before or early on game day. Players will be notified by cancellation as soon as possible via email, the website, social media and/or inform by the coach or manager.


Training and Games must NOT be conducted if a ground is closed. It is at the discretion of coaches and/or managers to have training when a ground is open and it is raining. Generally, if it is just a passing shower or very light rain then training should be OK, but you should train on the fringes of the field as it will quickly become muddy even with a small amount of rain.


If a parent or carer decides it is too wet to let their child train, please be sympathetic to their wishes, particularly for younger children. Training should be called off for all age groups if moderate to heavy rain develops during training.


The Referee will decide during games, if the game needs to be stopped.


In the event of lightning, Football NSW has a lightning policy which adopts the 3030 rule. This rule must also be applied to training.


For Away Games, the club will be notified by Macarthur and the club will then contact affected team coaches and managers who will then notify the team. If you do not receive a call from your coach or manger games are still on.

Extreme heat:

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